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Australian Pure Fruits is a fruit  and vegetable proccessor and beverage manufacturer situated in the Adelaide Hills. The region is  world renowned for its fruit and vegetable growers, and is also home to some of Australia's oldest wineries. Our geographic location means that we have instant access to some of the best produce available.  

Purees, Concentrates & Juice


We have access to a variety of fruits and vegetables to produce an array of aseptic purees, concentrates and juice

APF has a collective experience of over 100 years of processing fruit and vegetables, starting off a tomato processer and canner back in 1889 (under the name M.O.N). Today APF has improved its technology and moved into aseptic packaging of both single strength and concentrated purees and juice. 

We supply for a variety of customers, including both small and large scale companies, with the ability to manufacture on a made to order basis based on our customers specific requirements. Our repertoire of purees range from quince paste and pumpkin puree to apple juice or strawberry puree. 


Private Label Beverages


Contract Packed Beverages 

Australian Pure Fruits is able to manufacture speciality beverages under your own label. 

Soft Drinks

Refreshing soft drinks in both glass and PET in a variety of flavours. 

Mineral Water

Premium mineral water sourced locally in both glass and PET. 


.Not from concentrate and preservative free fruit and vegetable juice in glass. 


Sommer Naturals
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River Port
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