Australian Pure Fruits

Purees & juice


Made to any specificatioN

With over 100 years experience in the production of fruit and vegetable processing we are to produce a range of purees and juice ranging from single strength to concentrate, purees to paste, and all to match your specific BRIX requirements. 


A Rich History of Growth in the Non-GMO state 

APF is situated in the Adelaide Hills where the rich soil and cool climate make it perfect for growing a variety of fruits and vegetables. The region is also home to some of Australia's oldest and most renowned vineyards. This means APF has access to a variety of high quality ingredients.


The state of South Australia is prohibited from cultivating any genetically modified crops. This means APF is able to source a variety of local fruits and vegetables that are completely non-GMO.

Aseptic Processing  

We offer a variety of purees and juice in aseptic packaging, meaning all goods are able to be stored at an ambient temperature. We are able to offer our goods in either of the following formats 

- 1 tonne goodpack
- 200L drums
- 25-15kg bag & box


Purees, Concentrates and Juice

We have the capacity to do produce a wide variety of purees, juice and concentrates at and to match any BRIX specifications. Below are just some of the fruits and vegetables we keep in stock or are Made-To-Order.