Australian Pure Fruits

Private Label Beverages 



Australian Pure Fruits has extensive experience manufacturing a variety of beverages under both its own brands and on behalf of major companies. Our capabilities range from carbonated to still drinks in both PET and glass. Our technical team is able to guide you through the various aspects of development, and will ensure your beverage meets the highest standard of quality. 


Still Beverages 

APF's still line allows for glass packaging with the benefit of a preservative-free product. End beverages include fruit and vegetable juice, vitamin water, and iced tea. 

  • Packaging: Glass (lug closure) 
  • Label: Shrink sleeve & self-adhesive
  • Carton: Cardboard wrap around
  • Ingredients: Juice, concentrates, flavours, extracts, etc.. 
  • Preservative Free: Available 
  • Sweeteners: cane sugar syrup, artificial or natural sweeteners, fruit concentrate, fruit juice etc.. 
  • End Storage: Ambient

Carbonated Beverages

Our carbonated line allows for various beverages including soft drinks, mineral waters, sparkling juice, and sparkling tea. 

  • Packaging: PET (1650 plastic closure) & Glass (ROPP Closure) 

  • Label: Self-adhesive 

  • Carton: Cardboard wrap around

  • Ingredients: Flavours, extracts, fruit juice/concentrate, preservatives etc..

  • Preservative Free: Available (glass only) 

  • Sweeteners: cane sugar syrup, artificial or natural sweeteners, fruit concentrate etc..

  • End Storage: Ambient